ATM Thailand Movie

Just recently, I watched this movie in one of the biggest theater in the city. This movie is from GTH production, it is a movie from Thailand. Romantic-comedy-drama, you’ll get that in the movie. You’ll definitely laughing with your voice out loud from the start.

The story itself is about Sua and Jib, a couple that working in the same bank where in this company, romance between its worker is strongly prohibited. Someday Jib is complaining about tired of hiding their relationship, so Sua proposed to his girlfriend. But because of it, they have a misunderstanding. In the same time, the new system of ATM from their company is  having an issue, it accidentally made a 130.000 Baht payout. Then Jib seeing this problem as a chance to make a bet that Sua can’t win, so whoever lost this bet will have to resign.

What’s next? he he he.. watch it for yourself =]

FYI to anyone who love “Bangkok Love Story” or “Hello Stranger”, will definitely love “ATM”

Enjoy the trailer below!!

and below is the movie poster..



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